L5 Limo GT

Forget boring city tours in buses or taxis, the new Limo GT is here. With 4 plus 1 seating capacity, large head and leg room, silent electric drive and gorgeous looks the new Limo GT is a definite head turner. And sure shot hit with the tourists, providing an experience they will never forget.

L2 Vendo GT Concepts

One Etuk many possibilities! Whether you sell food or drinks, display products or simply do outdoor marketing and promotions. Our Vendo GT Concepts e-tuk is next big thing in the market.

L5 Cargo Pickup

ETuk L5 pick-up is quiet, does not pollute and has a large payload. Its dimensions and extreme manoeuvrability make it the ideal vehicle for those who have to carry out small transports.

L5 Cargo

Stand out from the crowd. Sell street food or deliver cargo in style, with our new Etuk Vendo GT. We guarantee that you will not go unnoticed! Our new Vendo GT has a huge cargo space with multiple door configurations and lots of autonomy. A solid business case for your next business start-up.

L2 Cargo Scooter

Safe, simple and sustainable The L2 Cargo scooter is 100% electric and therefore the upcoming cargo solution! This vehicle is perfect for last mile delivery. Everything the vehicle does is being logged and saved. With this information, you can optimize your services easily. Next to this, the L2 Cargo Scooter is equipped with several high-tech […]