Tourism & recreation

Bring together sustainability and mobility with Etuk Benelux’s electric tuk tuks. Our innovative vehicles offer numerous benefits for businesses in the tourism and recreation sector. Discover why electric tuk tuks are the ideal choice for your company and our planet.

By opting for our electric tuk tuks, you take a significant step towards a greener future. They are powered by electricity, producing zero harmful emissions. Allow your guests to enjoy the surroundings without compromising air quality.

Flexibility in transportation

Do you want to take your guests to unique places where regular vehicles cannot reach? Our electric tuk tuks provide the perfect solution. Their compact size allows them to effortlessly navigate through narrow streets and busy city centers.

An unforgettable experience

Provide your guests with an authentic and unforgettable experience with our electric tuk tuks. The open design of the tuk tuks offers a sense of freedom and enables a full immersion in the surroundings. With the wind in their hair, your guests will fully enjoy the beautiful environment.

elektrisch personenvervoer

Strengthen your brand

Opt for powerful branding with our electric tuk tuks, as they can be fully customized according to your preferences. Transform them into rolling billboards! Your guests will instantly recognize the tuk tuks as part of your company. They are perfect for vacation parks and city tours, serving as an ideal point of recognition.

Schedule a test ride

Are you ready for a sustainable and innovative future? Don’t hesitate any longer and take the next step! Schedule a test ride with our electric tuk tuks and experience the power of sustainable transportation firsthand. Discover the smooth and quiet ride and the flexibility of the tuk tuks. Together, we can grow your business, strengthen your brand, and make the world a greener place. Don’t wait any longer; contact us today to schedule a test ride.

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