Sustainable logistics and delivery

Are you looking for sustainability in logistics and delivery? Choose the electric tuk-tuks from Etuk Benelux. Our tuk-tuks are 100% electric and therefore environmentally friendly. Make a difference as a sustainable hero with our SmarTuks that fit perfectly with your responsible business. We are happy to think along with you about a sustainable logistics solution that is tailored to your business.

The benefits of sustainable delivery

With their electric drive and smart assistance, our tuk-tuks are ideal for sustainable delivery in busy city centers with narrow streets. User-friendly and efficient. The eco-friendly nature of our tuk-tuks also provides practical benefits: we have already replaced over 1,200 non-electric vehicles and saved over 7,000 liters of oil in doing so.

Customizable sustainable logistics solutions

Our electric tuk-tuks can be used for various logistical applications, such as delivery of packages, sales of products or transportation of people. We ensure that they fully match your corporate identity and offer ample storage space, silence, and safety. Everything that happens on the way is also digitally recorded.

Need questions or advice?

Questions about our electric tuk-tuks or looking for advice on sustainable logistics solutions? We are here for you. Call us on 0031-(0)85-0770085 or email us on to discuss the possibilities.

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