Medication delivery

Are you looking for an electric vehicle to deliver medicine with your company? Then one of our electric tuktuks are for you. These electric vehicles are the future. With all the high-tech components, you are ahead of your competitors and investing in the future and in your business.

Sustainable medicine delivery

Our goal is to make cities greener and cleaner. Our tuktuks are therefore fully electric and in recent years we have already replaced more than 12,000 non-electric vehicles. This has already saved about 7,000 liters of oil. Deliver medicine in a sustainable way and contribute to sustainable transportation.

Medicijnen bezorgen
Bezorgen medicijnen

Tuktuks fully customized

Based on your personal wishes, the 100% electric tuktuk will be customised entirely in your own style. Using our Vehicle Intelligence System (VIS), we test, measure and ultimately create your customized dream vehicle. Your drivers drive safely to their locations to deliver medicine. We measure everything that happens on the road, which keeps you informed of everything.

Various possibilities

In addition to medicine delivery, you can also use our electric vehicles for delivery and sales of other products, shuttle service or as a replacement for valet parking. The tuktuks have ample storage space and are silent. Take advantage of all these benefits when you purchase one of our various electric vehicles.

Get in touch

Do you have questions about our tuktuks or are you planning to purchase one of our electric vehicles? If so, please feel free to contact one of our experts. Call 0031-(0)85-0770085 or send an email at We are ready and happy to help you.