Smart, Green & Clean Together



The last 12 years Etuk Factory produced and developed 100% electric vehicles for the “Green city”.
Fun, Friendly and zero emission was our goal to make the cities more green and clean.
The transportation of people in the inner city was our main focus.
Today, we have our focus on the last mile delivery of the “Smart City”.

Key in our vision:”Vehicles, Power, Data and Service”.
Together with our clients we build customized solutions.

Every city is different, every business case is different. More important the last mile solution is part of the total delivery process. In this way we love to work together with governments and other companies to create the ideal city.

How does it work? 
We set up a test protocol for the incoming projects. With our telematics (Vehicle Intelligence System (VIS)) we test and measure and in the end we create the e-mobility solution for you.
The VIS isn’t only important in the development phase. No, the main part is when you have your vehicles driving.
Data is key, because we want to learn from every solution, from every “Smart City” and we want guarantee proactive service in the best possible way.

Together with our distributors and agents around the globe we want to provide you a safe, simple and sustainable package.

1200 +

Boring vehicles replaced

7384 +

Liters of oil saved p/day

96000 +

Total km’s driven per day


Driver’s license needed

60 +

Etuks built per month

30 +

Countries with type approval

Pioneering a revolution in E-Mobility