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The first business case 12 years ago from ETF was built on a lead acid battery with distilled water. Autonomy 75 km and a 14 hour recharge for the lead acid battery. However the battery in combination with the power pack brought the vehicles on top of a 25% steep hill.

Successful blueprint of Lisbon, 600 Etuks are driving there at the moment. Today, we drive with Lithium Ion batteries. No maintenance and 220/230V plug in. In 4-6 hours you are back on the road and 100% ready for your business case. We don’t believe in swapping batteries, we create batteries for the total business case. It’s the most valuable component, the battery, and that is why we decided to keep control on battery production and use in own hands.

The modular Etuk Power packs offer a choice of 7Kwh – 14Kwh – 20Kwh for optimal use and autonomy.

Power History

Comprehensive mobility solution for a powerful vehicle management.


Before your choices of power and vehicle are taken we can work out a fit to function program. We monitor vehicle and battery during a test period.

Based on the collected information in the business case we decide together the best combination and vehicle.


Comprehensive mobility solution for a powerful vehicle management.

When the batteries have made the end of their first life we secure to bring them into their second life. Ask about our deposit program.
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