Last mile delivery

Last mile delivery is the final step of the delivery process. This is one of the most important steps in the supply chain because the way an order reaches the consumer is very important. In addition, this step also costs the most money in the supply chain. We offer an electric last mile delivery solution for your organization. Moreover, Etuk’s electric vehicles can be made completely in the corporate identity of your organization. In this way, you work on brand awareness and a clean future at the same time.

The importance of last mile delivery

Last mile delivery is an important part of the ordering process and a good customer experience. The importance of smooth delivery and control over the package’s journey is growing. When the delivery driver arrives at the door, it is the last moment of contact with the customer. Having an eye-catching electric vehicle can contribute positively to this.

Etuk’s vehicles

Etuk’s vehicles can be optimally used for last mile delivery. The electric tuk-tuks are safe and durable. Due to the practical loading space, packages can be delivered easily and quickly. This allows you to cover the last few meters as sustainably and efficiently as possible. Thus making the last point of contact with the customer a great one.

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Last mile delivery
Last mile delivery Etuk