Electric golf cart

Looking for an electric golf cart? Etuk offers several electric vehicles that can be used as golf carts. The vehicle can be used as passenger transportation, but also as a transport vehicle. The practical cargo box can be used to transport different objects. All golf carts are electric, so you are also environmentally friendly. With our carts, you drive smart, fast, and clean on the golf courses.

Electric golf cart with a loading platform

The large storage space of this electric vehicle makes it the ideal golf cart. The cart drives easily, silently, and green over the courses. The electric golf cart with loading platform can be produced completely in your company’s corporate design. This will immediately increase brand awareness.

Personal transport

The electric golf cart is also available as personal transport. Move easily and quickly from A to B with the Etuk electric golf cart. The person carts have room for four people plus the driver. The golf cart has plenty of head and leg room, is quiet, and has great looks.

Custom electric golf cart

The electric golf cart can be made to match the corporate identity of your company. This creates more brand awareness but also shows that your company thinks about the environment. Please contact us for the possibilities. Or check out our other electric vehicles.

Buy an electric golf cart

Want to buy an electric golf cart? Etuk has several choices of electric vehicles for golf courses. We would love to discuss your ideal golf cart with you. Please contact us to discuss your needs. On weekdays we can be reached by phone at 0031-(0)85-0770085. Or reach us by email at info@etukbenelux.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

Electric golf cart
elektrische golfkar