The benefits of eTuks in the hotel industry

Electric tuk-tuks bring a breath of fresh air. Even within the hotel and resort industry. These innovative green vehicles offer a new dimension to hospitality. That environmental consciousness and transport are becoming increasingly intertwined is evidenced by electric tuk-tuks. Are you convinced that eTuks can elevate your organization to the next level of hospitality? Then definitely get in touch with our team! We’d love to explore the possibilities with you. Curious about the advantages of electric tuk-tuks? Read on!

Cheaper, silent, and multifunctional

eTuks have some unique features. Not just in appearance, but also in what lies ‘under the hood’. These green versions of the quirky mode of transportation are functional and technological, truly the best of both worlds. For instance:

  • Lower operational costs compared to gasoline and diesel vehicles. Ongoing savings on fuel and maintenance can add up significantly.
  • For guests too, electric tuk-tuks are a great alternative. Thanks to the electric motor, rides are silent and odorless. Very comfortable for guests!
  • eTuks are spacious and versatile. They can be used for a variety of tasks and activities. The L5 Pickup is an all-rounder for on-site tasks, and with the Limo GT you can transport your guests safely and stylishly from A to B. All the vehicles also come with dashboards that store and track all data. Perfect for analysis to optimize processes.

Therefore, eTuks are a fitting alternative to traditional transport means in the hotel and resort industry. Additionally, all vehicles are fully customizable. This way, you not only get free advertising but also project professionalism to your guests.



Request a demo

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