Electric passenger transportation

Go on the road sustainable with electric passenger transport! With the fully electric tuktuks of eTuk Benelux you take everyone in an environmentally conscious way from A to B. The Limo GT is ideal for passenger transport and can therefore be used for city tours, but also for hospitals or other large complexes. Curious about the possibilities? We would love to tell you more about it!

Fun and practical

Who doesn’t like to be taken around in a tuk-tuk! That makes the Limo GT the ideal choice when it comes to electric passenger transport. The tuktuks are not only fun but also practical. They are very manoeuvrable, can drive almost anywhere in the city and you may park on the sidewalk. This means you can literally pick people up at their doorstep. Because it is electric passenger transport, the Limo GT is also silent. Would you like to use the tuktuk for tours? Then you won’t have to shout over the sound of the engine! So everyone can enjoy the scenery in peace.

Switch to electric passenger transportation!

There are several reasons to switch to electric passenger transportation. Of course, we all know that electric driving is better for the environment, but they also measure everything that happens inside the eTuk while driving. The electric vehicles do not pollute and therefore our tuktuks are a good investment for the future.


Do you have questions about one of our tuktuks? Or do you already have plans to switch to electric passenger transport and want advice? We are happy to help you and answer all your questions. Feel free to contact us, so we can discuss the possibilities together. You can call 0031-(0)85-0770085 or email us at info@etukbenelux.com