5 reasons why you should have an Etuk in your city

eTuks are rapidly emerging in the current “eLandscape” of transportation options. As most people know, the origin of tuk-tuks is in Asia. Nowadays, the popularity of these vehicles is quickly spreading worldwide. Particularly, electric tuk-tuks are among the latest trends in sustainable urban mobility. The eTuk is a unique and sustainable mode of transportation that can be used for various purposes. In this blog article, we will provide five reasons why the electric tuk-tuks from eTuk Benelux are a must-have for your municipality.

eTuks are environmentally friendly

First and foremost, as you may have noticed from the name, an eTuk is electric and thus highly environmentally friendly. By using electricity as fuel, they emit no pollutants. This is especially advantageous in cities where air pollution is often high, and reducing emissions is a crucial goal.

eTuks are multifunctional

Furthermore, an electric tuk-tuk is a relatively small and maneuverable vehicle, making it versatile for various purposes. For example, the L2 Cargo Scooter is excellent for delivering packages. An eTuk can also serve as a shuttle service between different parts of a city or as transportation for large events. Our Limo GT is particularly suitable for this purpose and is already being used to transport and guide tourists in the city!

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eTuks are agile in traffic

Electric tuk-tuks are also relatively small and nimble, allowing them to navigate through congested traffic more easily. In busy cities, tuk-tuks can contribute to reducing traffic congestion and improving traffic flow, which has a positive impact on the municipality.

eTuks are cost-effective

In addition to being environmentally friendly, electric tuk-tuks are also cost-effective. An eTuk requires less maintenance than a traditional car, for example, and it doesn’t need gasoline or diesel, significantly reducing fuel costs. This can result in substantial savings for a municipality, especially if electric tuk-tuks are used for daily tasks throughout the city, such as leaf collection and waste collection.

eTuks as a branding tool

Lastly, not only are eTuks practical, but their unique appearance also makes them stand out and undoubtedly attracts the attention of both residents and tourists! It promotes a positive image of the municipality, and it’s an opportunity for the municipality to use eTuks as a mobile branding tool, displaying the name of the municipality or landmarks, for example.

In summary, the latest electric tuk-tuk trend can be a valuable addition to your municipality in many different ways. They are environmentally friendly, multifunctional, agile in traffic, cost-effective, and can work wonders for the image and reputation of your municipality. Interested? Feel free to contact us through our website or call 085 0770 085 for more information!