Why eTuks are a perfect fit for holiday parks

More and more holiday parks are opting for sustainable transportation and vehicles, for both internal and external use. This is a smart move in light of the rising sustainable tourism and contributes to a healthy ecological footprint. The trend of holidaymakers booking their vacations with environmental consciousness is not likely to decrease in the future, hence falling behind is no longer an option.

Besides the advantage that electric tuk-tuks contribute to environmental friendliness and sustainability, deploying these green vehicles in holiday parks offers more benefits that you might not immediately think of. We would like to take you through these in this article. Have you already delved into the advantages of eTuks and would like to discuss the possibilities with us? Then contact us right away. We are more than happy to help and advise you!

The benefits of eTuks

Implementing electric tuk-tuks in a holiday park offers a range of advantages for both the park and its guests. These include:

Electric tuk-tuks contribute to building a green and sustainable image for the holiday park. Research from the Knowledge Centre for Coastal Tourism shows that more than 77 percent of tourists looking to visit a holiday park or campsite take the sustainability of the park into account. If you are not consciously engaged in this as a park or campsite, you are increasingly not an option for tourists. Therefore, it has become important and necessary to act on this!

Reduction in operational costs. Traditional vehicles used in holiday parks are more expensive in operational costs than electric tuk-tuks. Additionally, eTuks are maintenance-friendly and make almost no noise, creating a tranquil environment where guests can fully relax. Technological gadgets! Our eTuks come equipped with live tracking, visible battery & vehicle status, and smart systems to ensure optimal use of the eTuks.

Electric tuk-tuks are innovative, green, and modern vehicles that offer an excellent alternative to the currently popular means of transport or a good, sustainable investment. eTuks make the organization, visitor, and nature happy!

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