Tuk Tuk on Location at Wijnhof Ommen

In the late summer of 2022, we placed an electric tuk-tuk on location at Wijnhof in Ommen. Customers of Wijnhof in Ommen were able to enjoy a special wine tasting just outside the store. It was a unique experience for both the staff and their customers.

Special wine tasting

This tuk-tuk on location at Wijnhof Ommen generated a lot of positive reactions from their customers. Quality and excellent, fast service are central to their approach. They have a suitable wine for every dish. During this special wine tasting, customers could sample multiple wines at the tuk-tuk and then purchase them in the adjacent store. Wijnhof Ommen made optimal use of the customer experience in this way.

Catch attention from with a Tuk-Tuk on Location

Do you want to stand out with your business? Choose a personalized electric tuk-tuk on location for your company. With numerous possibilities, we can customize this eye-catcher to fully match your company’s branding. You can use the tuk-tuk for various purposes, such as selling and delivering products, as a shuttle service, or as a marketing instrument.

Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship

The electric tuk-tuk is 100% electric and is the ultimate solution for making certain business processes more sustainable. They emit no harmful substances and are therefore entirely eco-friendly.

Of course, we prioritize the materials used to construct the tuk-tuk. That’s why we have incorporated sustainable materials in the production of our tuk-tuks, including recycled aluminum and other long-lasting materials. Our aim is to extend the lifespan of the tuk-tuk as much as possible.

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