At the beginning of this month, we introduced our electric vehicles at the Zero Emission | trade fair Ecomobile. This fair offers practical solutions to deal with mobility issues more economically and sustainably. We brought our SmarTuk and L5 Limo GT.

The SmarTuk is 100% electric and therefore the new solution when it comes to transport! This Etuk is perfect for last mile delivery in cities. Everything the vehicle does is recorded and stored. This allows you to easily optimize your service.

Looking for sustainable passenger transport? Forget the boring city bus or taxi, the new Limo GT is here. With 4 plus 1 seating capacity, large head and legroom, noiseless, electric and beautiful looks, the new Limo GT is indeed a head-turner. Also a big hit with tourists, the Limo GT makes for an experience to remember.


Do you also want to buy an electric tuk-tuk for your organization? We are happy to discuss the possibilities! Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities. We can be reached by phone at 0031-(0)85-0770085 or by email at

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