Tuk tuk on location at Wijnhof Ommen

Tuk Tuk on Location at Wijnhof Ommen In the late summer of 2022, we placed an electric tuk-tuk on location at Wijnhof in Ommen. Customers of Wijnhof in Ommen were able to enjoy a special wine tasting just outside the store. It was a unique experience for both the staff and their customers. Special wine […]

Trade fair Zero Emission | Ecomobiel

trade fair zero emission

At the beginning of this month, we introduced our electric vehicles at the Zero Emission | trade fair Ecomobile. This fair offers practical solutions to deal with mobility issues more economically and sustainably. We brought our SmarTuk and L5 Limo GT. The SmarTuk is 100% electric and therefore the new solution when it comes to […]