eTuks in hotels: een groene alleskunner

eTuks in hotels: a green jack of all trades Hotels utilize various forms of transport. From sheets and bottles of soda to the guests themselves, almost everything is transported using small vehicles, such as a golf cart. eTuk Benelux offers solutions for hotels and resorts looking for eco-friendly vehicles that can be used as broadly […]

Waarom eTuks steeds populairder worden in de toerisme- & recreatiebranche

Why eTuks are becoming increasingly popular within the tourism & recreation industry When thinking of popular modes of transportation in cities within the tourism and recreation industry, you probably think of vehicles like tuk tuks, vans, taxis, and boats. These means of transport are widely used and play a crucial role for many organizations in […]

5 redenen waarom een eTuk een waardevolle toevoeging is aan jouw gemeente

duurzame logistiek

5 reasons why you should have an Etuk in your city eTuks are rapidly emerging in the current “eLandscape” of transportation options. As most people know, the origin of tuk-tuks is in Asia. Nowadays, the popularity of these vehicles is quickly spreading worldwide. Particularly, electric tuk-tuks are among the latest trends in sustainable urban mobility. […]