Waarom eTuk de perfecte last-mile delivery oplossing is

Why eTuk is the perfect last-mile delivery solution In the world of rapidly evolving logistics and delivery services, the ‘last mile’ is often the most challenging and costly phase. The final part of the delivery process, from the distribution center to the final destination, requires not just efficiency but also sustainability. This is where eTuk […]

Hoe zijn bezorgdiensten aan het veranderen?

Duurzaam transport

Sustainable Delivery Solutions: How Delivery Services are Changing? In the world of fast-growing delivery services, more and more efforts are being made to find sustainable alternatives to traditional delivery transportation. One such development in this area is the use of electric tuk-tuks as a means of transport. These compact, environmentally friendly vehicles not only provide […]

Duurzame bezorgservices: red de planeet pakketje voor pakketje

last mile delivery

Sustainable delivery services: saving the planet one package at a time We all love online shopping, but let’s face it: the environmental impact of our favorite pastime is something to consider. Not only as a webshop or carrier, but for consumers as well. From excessive packaging to gas-guzzling delivery trucks, e-commerce can take a toll […]