eTuks as a solution for your event

Organizing an event involves a tremendous amount of work for the organization. From setting objectives and planning, to budget management and logistics. It’s quite a task! eTuk Benelux is convinced that organizing events becomes simpler, cheaper, and more fun with the deployment of our tuktuks!

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Green, reliable all-rounders

eTuks offer various solutions. They are deployable in many sectors. Yet, there are three advantages that particularly stand out for the event industry!

  • Obvious, but eTuks are sustainable and environmentally friendly. This is particularly evident at festivals, for example, where the tuk tuks are often visible to everyone! It contributes to the image of a green brand!
  • eTuks are also handy in the hustle and bustle of an event. They are agile, efficient vehicles that easily navigate through crowds. Ideal for quickly transporting visitors or products from point A to B. This allows your organization to quickly adapt when necessary!
  • Furthermore, eTuks offer a unique form of transportation. They add something special to the event experience. This is even more pronounced because it is possible to fully brand the tuktuks to your liking! Increase visibility and brand recognition in this way. You create a moving billboard. Ideal!

The benefits of our tuk tuks

For visitors, electric tuktuks are a welcome solution. Also, as an organization, investing in electric tuktuks is worthwhile! This is due, in part, to:

  • Low operational costs that pay off in the long term.
  • Our eTuks have modern dashboards and technologies, so all processes are measured and you can see exactly where improvements are possible!
  • Building a green image.

If you have questions about one of our eTuks, do not hesitate to contact us!

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